Aerial Filming

The increasing popularity of aerial photography and video offers up the possibility of stunning imagery from unique viewpoints. Providing dramatic media for all sorts of promotional projects. Christopher Best Photography's aerial solutions provide the expertise using side state-of-the-art equipment at reasonable rates.

Warkworth Castle, Warkworth Northumberland

Shepherd's Cottage, Beadnell Northumberland Mains Cottages, Beadnell Northumberland

We have been working with Mains Cottages in Beadnell, Northumberland for quite some time; having produced up-to-date property images and a set of four inspirational 360o virtual tours for their website. When the time came to introduce aerial imagery and video into their marketing we were deleighted to be able to help once again. Producing a series of aerial images and promotional video that could be used individually or via their own website.

Fairfax Arms, Gilling East North Yorkshire Fairfax Arms, Gilling East North Yorkshire

The Fairfax Arms and Ampleforth College Golf Course were carrying out a feasability study into a possible joint venture. As part of this study Precision Geomatics requested us to produce an aerial video  and a series of 360 aerial images on their behalf to be used in a 360 Virtual Tour for their clients.

Industrial & Technical Services

Energy Central Site, Port of Blyth Energy Central Re-development Site

Aerial inspections and surveys can provide invaluable and time saving data that may have previously been cost prohibitive to obtain. Using our industry leading hexacopter (drone) the possibilities are endless, from infrastructure, land & estate management to construction site evalution & progress to agriculture & livestock monitoring.



Ashwood Business Park

When looked at from an alternative viewpoint both operational & proposed sites can take on a whole new perspective and show unforseen possibilites or potential issues.

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